Help Choosing New Time Clock Software

Working timeChoosing a new time clock system can be confusing. There are so many new products available. You can choose from online time clocks, time sheets, time attendance software, actual time clocks, and even online trackers that take information down based on employees participating in various projects.

When going to choose a product, think first about how many employees you have. Do you have two or 200? If you have the latter, there are plenty of web-based time clocks available in a variety of price ranges. Just because you have two or three it does not mean you have to do without the customization possible with an online time clock.

Plenty of products are available that make it easy for employees to enter their time sheet information from their computer workstations. These are easy to use and easy to implement, too. They are a lot less confusing to use than making use of standalone units that need to be programmed.

These products can do more than just record when an employee logs in and logs out for the day. They can keep track of vacation time and sick leave, too.

Do you have employees that work on shifts? Sometimes it can get hard to keep track of who is taking over another person’s shift. All of these changes are much easier to keep track of with shift planning software systems.

You do not need to make use of expensive hardware systems which need to be installed in certain, limited locations of the office. Simply set up the software and an account. Everything else gets taken care of at a few clicks of a mouse from many convenient computer locations.

Most of these programs have very clear, streamlined dashboards. You can see by department who is working a various shift. Should you need to share the information, it can easily be sent to another party using e-mail. When you need to create a new schedule, templates are available right within the software.

Just choose your layout and enter the information for all workers on a particular schedule. It is easy to add or remove a name. Most products allow you to drag and drop information right from the computer screen, making it really easy to create an entirely new schedule.

The latest technology in many time clock and scheduling software systems is biometrics. This is where you can make use of webcams attached to individual employee computer stations. The device takes a visual image of the worker as he or she clocks in or out.

This is particularly useful for stopping the act of having another worker punch out for someoneTime-Tracking-300x300 else. There will be no question as to who punched a time sheet card because there is no card. You get an actual visual image of the employee as they come in to work and as they leave. Get completely accurate clocking in and clocking out information with biometric services.

There are many different types of software to choose from. An easy way to find the best for your company needs is to do a comparison search online. Find which services offer biometrics, time sheet management, shift schedule changes and more.

Most software programs offer some or all of these features, including project management. This can be a lifesaver when it comes to seeing which employees on a working team are putting in which hours per project. It can clock their efforts down to the minute in a work day.
This is helpful for more reasons than to just see who is putting in what effort. This can also indicate where a need for scaling back on various tasks is needed so as to save money on resources and staff. It can also show where the most earnings are being made so you can better plan how to schedule any future projects for the greatest amount of productivity.
Does your company have employees that work out in the field? Then find a solution that comes with GPS tracking. It can let you know when an employee arrives on a specific location, starts a job, finishes it and leaves for the next location.

Services like time clocks and shift planners can keep tabs on people as they come in late. You
will also always be able to know who starts working on what and when. Control the information using various IP addresses that the software programs assign to employee work stations.

For the easiest reporting and time clock reviewing, get software programs that work with touch screens. This makes sending time sheets over to accounting so easy it literally takes the click of a button. Best of all, these can be used with computers, tablets or smart phones.

No more triple checking the information or asking employees questions about their clocking in each week. You will already have everything on a screen ready to accurately be transformed into paychecks by your payroll department.

All information can even be printed out by exporting files from your online or software-based program. Choose XLS or CSV for most print options so that you can back up your files with hard copies for any third parties.

Stop fussing with old-fashioned time clocks. They do not always keep the time correctly or they may not allow all employees the ease and convenience of being credited for the time they put in each day.

Whether you choose to use simple time sheets or biometrics, you can make sure everyone is putting in the time needed. Shift swaps are no longer a headache when employees and managers alike can add or remove names on a master schedule. You will always know where your team is and where they are at on various projects.

See what time clock software programs are right for the number of employees you have. There is sure to be a program that offers you all the features you need at a price you can afford. Compare program features from the top software services online now.